A respected Authority in Architecture and environment planning, Arch. Carunungan boast of a quarter of century of professional expertise in his chosen field of endeavor.A master in planning communities, he helped design the development plans of cities, municipalities and towns, like the Tourism Master Plan of Metro Manila (as Lead Consultant) and the Urban Renewal Tourism Master Plan for the City of Manila.

As an architect with both a local and global perspective, Arch. Carunungan has synergized learning from the Philippines, the United States and Canada and applied them in crafting designs and solutions for the various localities he has served. Among the projects he and his partners assisted in the conceptualization/realize were the City of Valenzuela Government Center; the Azure Residential  Resort, Jaro Estates (a 100-hac. planned unit development in Jaro, Iloilo); the Municipal Master Development Plan for the Municipality of Polilio, Quezon Province; the Commercial District Masterplan for the City of Cadiz, Bacolod; and the Provincial Physical Framework Plan for Mindoro Province, among others. To date, the Carunungan and Partners Co. has designed over 100,000 hectares of land not just locally but internationally as well, as such in Zu Jiao, China; Mexico; Seattle, Washington; New York and San Francisco.

Arch. Carunungan is presently the director of the New Manila Chapter of the United Architects of the Philippines, and a member of the Council of Filipino Consultants.


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