The 2nd Lecture Series was organized by the CAAA, the official Alumni Association of the College of Architecture in cooperation with the Architecture Student Council, and the United Architects of the Philippines Student Assoc. (UAPSA) under the supervision of the CAAA Service Vice President Ar. Robert Mirafuente and Professor of College of Architecture Ar. John Carlo Sayco with member of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) and the USTCAAA Board President Ar. Mariano S. Arce, Jr.

The Cham family of Cham Candelaria Inc. Company, Ar. Victor G. Cham, Jr., Ar. Cathy Candelaria-Cham and their son Ar. Carlos Cham together with Ar. Christian Guerrero were the guest speakers in the 2nd Lecture Series of the UST College of Architecture entitled, “Contrasts – Stories and Practices in Architecture.” on January 29, 2016 at Beato Angelico AVR, Beato Angelico building, UST. Students from 3rd year, 4th year and 5th year colleges, the Architecture Student Council and UAPSA attended the forum.

Speakers: Ar. Victor G. Cham, President, Managing Partner; Ar. Cathy Candelaria-Cham, Managing Partner & Ar. Carlos Cham. – Cham-Candelaria, Inc.

Ar. Victor Cham talked about their story on how the company of Cham Candelaria Inc. started from a very small business until it became the Consultancy Services business located at Pasig, Metro Manila. He have experienced for 30 years, working for architecture and interior design offices here and abroad and in private practice. Cham-Candelaria Designs, Inc. (CCI) was established in 2003 collaborate with partner-wife Catherine Candelaria who carries her wealth of experience in project management, including a 15-year relationship as kitchen designer, store planner then construction manager with McDonald’s here in the Philippines. The company handles each design project with every detail considered in terms of function, design innovation, standards conformity, cost effectiveness and project-time delivery.

Their son Ar. Carlos Cham earned a degree in architecture from the University of Santo Tomas. He was recognized through his thesis which, the dream project of building a safe, nurturing place for adults with autism began to take shape. His thesis was on building individual homes for PWA in a campus, patterned after homes for persons with autism in New York, Europe, Canada and the Middle East. The thesis got the chance to be transformed into a living reality.

Speaker: Ar. Christian Guerrero, Managing Partner – N+G Design Consultancy

Ar. Guerrero is the managing partner of N+G Design Consultancy. The company was established in 1998. They are creating new and innovative solutions for its various projects. This is made possible due to the extensive local and international design experience of its Principal Architects, J. Antonio Nazareno and his partner, Arch. Christian Guerrero. Ar. Guerrero is a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas. He has more than two decades of experience in the design and construction industry. Prior to establishing N+GDC with his partner Ar. Nazareno, he led a team of architects under Japanese disciplines of design to become one of the more respected architects in the country today.


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