The USTCAAA Alumni Homecoming Exhibit was organized by the CAAA, the official Alumni Association of the College of Architecture in cooperation with the Architecture Alumni Board members, and the Alumni Organizing Committee members, Batch ’91 Representative, Ar. Albert Yu, and Batch ’76 Representative Ar. Carmelo Casas, under the supervision of the CAAA Exhibit Curator and Professor of College of Architecture Ar. Froilan Fontecha and Batch ’86 Representative and CAAA Committee member – Historian, Ar. Robert Benedict Hermoso with the USTCAAA Board President Ar. Mariano S. Arce, Jr. The event was hosted by the fellow Alumni Ar. Jose Marie Tan.

Students from all levels in Architecture, as well as the Fine Arts & Design College, the Architecture Student Council and UAPSA attended the event.

The Exhibitors who participated and attended the event are as follows:

  • Ar. Albert S. Yu, FUAP, APEC Architect, ASEAN, Jubilarian Batch ’91 Chairman, Principal Architect of ASYA Design Partners Philippines
  • Ar. Robert Benedict C. Hermoso, FUAP, PIA,Architectural Archives Chairman,Jubilarian Batch ’86 Chairman, USTCAAA Committee Member – Historian, Project Director
    Ar. Hermoso serves as Architectural Design and Consultancy. He is also passion on restoration of the historical buildings such as old churches, archs, etc.
  • Ar. Paul Emmanuel Mauricio, UAP,Jubilarian Batch ’86 Representative,Principal Partners of ArkiAsia Philippines
  • Ar. Mario Senen R. Bernardo, UAP, Jubilarian Batch ’86 Representative
  • Ar. Catherine Balce-Carunungan, FUAP, ASEAN, Jubilarian Batch ’84 Representative, CAAA past President 2011-2013, Principal Architect of Carunungan & Partners, Co.
    Ar. Carunungan is a Principal Architect and Managing Partner with fellow Principal Architect, batch mate and husband Ar. Jose Ramon Carunungan, FUAP, ASEAN, PIEP.
  • Ar. Carmelo T. Casas, UAP, Jubilarian Batch ’76 Chairman, Managing Partner of CASAS+ Architects, Inc. Philippines
  • Ar. Rey I. Florentino, UAP, Heritage Commission in Architecture, Alumni Batch ’79 Representative
  • Ar. Jose Ramon Zaragoza, UAP, Jubilarian batch ’67 Representative, Jose M. Zaragoza and Associates
    Arch. Zaragoza started the restoration of old houses in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. By converting an abandoned 18th-century mansion into his palatial “Villa Paz” home, he inspired his neighbors to bring back the splendor of their ancestral homes. Today, Vigan is famous for its elegant historical houses, thanks in large part to his restoration mission which he describes as “a virus that I want to share.” Ramon Zaragoza, 57, has written eight books including Old Manila, published by Oxford University Press. In his bid to “bring back the culture, lost architecture and history of our country,” our bachelor explored more than 2,100 Philippine islands, roughing it out in the jungles for his research.


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