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USTCAAA in Retrospect

In 2000, the former College of Architecture and Fine Arts separated into the College of Architecture (CA) and the College of Fine Arts and Design (CFAD). On March 2003, before the Solemn Investiture of new graduates, the Rev. Fr. Manuel Roux, O.P., Regent of the College of Architecture suggested to Prof. Norma Alarcon the establishment of an Alumni Association since the then Atelier Alumni Association was the alumni organization for the former College of Architecture and Fine Arts.

A committee headed by Prof. Alarcon was appointed to study the establishment of an alumni association for the College of Architecture. With the following professors as members of the committee, namely Tobias A. Bonaobra, Corazon R. Cruz, Rebecca Peñafiel, Leah P. Dela Rosa, and Manuel DC Noche, a series of meetings were conducted with the Executive Board of the former Atelier Alumni Association.

The committee aimed: 1) to invite the alumni to come home to UST annually, and 2) to draft a new Constitution and By-Laws for the new association. To make the alumni aware of the establishment of a new alumni association, three mini-reunions were conducted between 2003-2005. Two were held at the Beato Angelico Gallery and a third was held at the former covered court (now the UST Pavilion) fronting the Engineering Building. While these activities were taking place, a Committee on the Writing of the Constitution and By-Laws was formed with the following as members: Alarcon, Bonaobra, Peñafiel, Cruz and Miguel M. Carpio. A working draft of the Constitution and By-Laws was prepared by Alarcon from which, after series of minor changes and revisions, the USTCAAA Constitution and By-Laws was finalized. The new CBL was ratified during the February 21, 2009 General Homecoming at the Plaza Mayor, UST.

When the CAFA separated into two colleges, the CFAD took the name Atelier for its alumni association. The UST College of Architecture chose to call its association UST College of Architecture Alumni Association (USTCAAA) that was later amended to UST College of Architecture Alumni Association, Inc. (USTCAAA, Inc.) after it was registered with the Security Exchange Commission. In 2010, a competition was called for the design of the Association’s logo showing the Ionic column, the UST Main Bldg. tower and the Cross and the initial of the Association. The winning logo design was made by Eugene Lim.

Alumni Foundation Officers 2004-2005:

President – Felino A. Palafox, Jr.
Vice-President – Francisco T. Mañosa
Secretary – Yolanda David-Reyes
Treasurer – Mauro C. Simpliciano
P.R.O. – Ricardo R. Poblete
Auditor – Nicomedes R. Pagulayan
Executive Director – Chona Elvas-Ponce
Advisers – Augusto M. Concio
Rev. Fr. ManuelF. Roux, O.P.

Board of Trustees:
Chairman of the Board of Trustees – Ernesto Antonino D. Nasol
Members: Miguel M. Carpio
Carmelo T. Casas
Francisco G. Flameño, Jr.
Lourdes Pagulayan
Rodolfo P. Ventura
Ramon A. Victor

Past Board of Directors

2011-2013 :

President of the Board – Catherine Balce-Carunungan (Batch84)
Service Vice-President – Lora B. Rivera (Batch 83)
Membership Vice-President – Ma. Mylene Sta. Ana-Sabornido (Batch 82)
Fellowship Vice-President – Antonio Valdez (Batch 86)
Administrative Vice-President – Miguel M. Carpio (Batch 75)
Corporate Secretary – Agnes A. Tan (Batch 75)
Treasurer – Mariano S. Arce Jr. (Batch 81)


President of the Board – Jose Pedro S. Recio (Batch75)
Service Vice-President – Lora B. Rivera (Batch 83)
Membership Vice-President – Ma. Concepcion Villegas-Roxas (Batch 80)
Fellowship Vice-President – Catherine Balce-Carunungan (Batch 84)
Administrative Vice-President Ramon S. Mendoza (Batch 73)
Corporate Secretary – Jose A. Rivas (Batch 84)
Treasurer – Chona Elvas-Ponce (Batch 1980)

2006-2009 :

President of the Board – Nestor S. Mangio (Batch70)
Service Vice-President – Conrad T. Onglao
Membership Vice-President – Ma. Lorna L. Plata (Batch 74)
Fellowship Vice-President – Katherine S. Delos Reyes
Administrative Vice-President – Ma. Rebecca M. Peñafiel (Batch 74)
Corporate Secretary – Ma. Ysolde A. Flores
Treasurer – Lizette R. Reyes

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